The Egyptian National Football League started its 8th season

Cairo Hell Hounds DB Michael Tex makes his way to the end zone after catching an interception. Photo: Omar Attallah

That Egyptian National Football League kicked off its eighth season last Friday in a heated first week of the Cairo Hellhounds and MSA Tiger showed their skill and strength on both offense and defense.

The defending champion, the Cairo Hellhoundsscored an impressive victory over the ZED jaguars playing their first season. In the other encounter, the tiger mastered the Cairo Bears to get their first win.

Cairo Hellhounds 48 – ZED Jaguars 0

That hunting dogs Offensive started the game with their local quarterback Omar Hatem throwing a touchdown pass to Ziad Ammar. But it was Cairo’s defense that was the real star of the first half, scoring consecutive touchdowns on turnovers, the first from El Hassan Mourad returning a fumble throughout the stretch and the second with a pick six from import Michael Tex.

Photo: Omar Attallah

Import quarterback John Holloway led in the second half hunting dogs‘ offense and scored 21 points by throwing for two touchdowns, one each for Haitham Abdelwarith and Omar Hashem, while rushing for the third.

During jaguars Lack of experience can be a factor in their offense’s struggle to move the ball hunting dogs They also added pressure with their top-notch defense and import linebacker Michael Tex, who was named the game’s MVP.

That jaguars still have a lot of chances to catch up during the season, and the hunting dogs Earned PD will be a great benefit later.

MSA Tigers 21 – Cairo Bears 2

In the second game of the week, the MSA Tiger scored an impressive victory over the Cairo Bears in a tough matchup that the tiger dominated with 21:2.

Photo: Omar Attallah

That bears’ The defense put points on the board early on with a two-point safety to take an early lead, but that was their only result of the game. That tiger Offense, led by import quarterback Craig Coffman, excelled with two passing touchdowns against Hussam Mohamed and Abdelraouf Hassan.

That tiger The defense was nothing short of outstanding, not only preventing their competitor from scoring but barely allowing them to move the ball at all. That bears, who are known to be fierce competitors and have taken part in the competitions Egyptian bowl struggled with both her passing and running game last season, hauling in just 25 passing yards and four rushing yards in the entire game. Meanwhile the tiger Defense put on a show of four tackles for loss, two sacks, three forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, and a pick six from Fady Ayman.

Photo: Omar Attallah

tiger‘ Linebacker Mohamed Arabi has earned a well-deserved MVP title.

It’s pretty obvious that the tiger are hungry for the title this season while the bears to show her known talent.

By Maram Ahmad

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