The Great Escape: Local Theater Returns

A performing arts tour of Silicon Valley can be just the thing to escape the worries of the world. Three local theatrical productions will open on May 20th and the Santa Clara Chorale will perform at Mission Santa Clara on May 21st.

“We could all use a laugh right now, and this show has plenty of them,” said Dave Leon, director of the Santa Clara Players production drinking habits 2, caught in the act, by American playwright Tom Smith, runs May 20 through June 11.

“We are not looking for a deeper meaning here. This is a farce!” said Leon. “Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to just escape for a few hours.”

Leon also directed drinking habitsthe prequel, in February 2020. He said that drinking habits 2 is like a fun standalone sitcom episode. The wine-making Sisters of Perpetual Sewing focus their hilarious efforts on saving an orphanage from harm.

In the South Bay Musical Theater production from May 20th to June 4th In the cityVoiced by Leonard Bernstein, Sunnyvale resident Lysander plays Abadia Gabey, one of three untethered sailors who make a 24-hour shore leave in New York City during World War II.

In the city is a rare screenplay that is equal parts acting, singing and dancing,” said Abadia, a veteran theater artist. “Audience will be entranced by our amazing orchestra and talented cast and crew telling the story… It’s a joyous escapism, executed with skill and exuberance, for the whole family to enjoy.”

“Even though it’s set in 1944, the need for connection is timeless,” continued Abadia. “Everyone knows what it is like to search for love – and the comedy that can come from the successes and failures of that search.”

Santa Clara resident Tim Huang makes his stage debut as a cast member.

“I like on the city Mixture of big, tinny musical numbers, beautiful dance scenes and vaudevillian humor,” said Huang. “It serves a heaping dose of lightness and frivolity to take people’s mind off the harsh reality of the day.”

Another distraction, the stages of Santa Clara University Presents Sister Act – A Divine Musical comedyMay 20-29.

“It’s a laugh-out-loud musical comedy that is exactly what our society needs right now,” said Jennifer Reichert, spokeswoman for SCU Presents. “Not only is the show full of irreverent humor, but there are really beautiful moments about sisterhood and finding yourself.”

sister act, based on the 1992 film of the same name, stars a nightclub performer who enters a financially troubled convent’s witness protection program and saves it – and herself – through music. The 30-strong cast is the largest to ever appear on the Louis B. Mayer Theater stage.

As part of Art Connecting Community Week, $3 from every ticket sale from May 20-26 will go to Project Hope for refugee relief in Ukraine.

On May 21st at 8 p.m. the 60-part Santa Clara Chorale will be presented in the Mission Santa Clara A new song, directed by former Artistic Director Thomas Colohan. He conducts the Santa Clara Chorale, the San José Chamber Orchestra and the Santa Clara University Choirs in a massive collaboration.

The concert features the premiere of “Kohelet” by Henry Dehlinger. The five-movement cantata uses original Hebrew lyrics from “Ecclesiastes” and “The Song of Songs”. The choirs also perform sunrise fair from Ola Gjeilo, a four-movement mass sung in Latin.

A performing arts tour in your own backyard—at a far lower cost than a week-long theater tour of New York City—is the great escape.


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