The Musical Air on Netflix? Release date, trailer and more about the film

13: The musicalan adaptation of the 2008 Broadway musical, is coming soon to Netflix on Friday, August 12th. Directed by Tamra Davis, the Netflix original comedy family musical is the sixth adaptation of the cult classic and fan-loved Los Angeles theater production of the same name.

Based on the 2008 Broadway production, the debut film by pop artist Ariana Grande and actress Elizabeth Gillies, 13: The Musical, starring Eli Golden appears to be a promising remake of the original.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Netflix musical.

what is 13: The musical all about? Synopsis, trailer and details can be found here

Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies made their Broadway debuts when 13 originally opened in 2008. Now a new generation of teen stars are at the center of 13: The Musical, which premieres August 12.

True to the original, the Netflix adaptation of the Broadway musical follows the story of Evan Goldman, a 12-year-old on the verge of his 13th birthday as he prepares for his bar mitzvah. However, his plan is jeopardized when his parents split up and he has to move to Indiana. With a new school to get used to and new friends to make, 13: The musical explores a whole new chapter in Evan’s life.

Read the official synopsis from Netflix here:

After his parents divorce, Evan Goldman moves from NYC to small town Indiana. As his 13th birthday approaches, he must navigate the complex social circles of his new school and make friends by turning his bar mitzvah into the coolest party ever. Based on the hugely popular musical 13, which debuted on Broadway in 2008, 13: The Musical is a coming-of-age journey through the unforgettable ups and downs of teenage life.

Netflix has also released a trailer for the musical, which you can watch here.

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The trailer offers a glimpse of the new adventures Evan will have with his new friends. As he adjusts to his high school and plans for his bar mitzvah, he is presented with a series of challenges to overcome.

Since the film is a musical, viewers will be interested in learning more about the titles featured in it. Here is the full list of soundtracks for 13: The musical.

  • 13/ Becoming a Man – Performed by Eli Golden
  • The Lamest Place on Earth – Performed by Gabriella Uhl
  • Hey Kendra – Performed by JD McCrary, Nolen Dubuc, Ramon Reed, Frankie McNellis and Lindsey Blackwell
  • Get Me What I Need – Performed by Jonathan Lengel
  • Opportunity – Performed by Frankie McNellis
  • What It Means to Be a Friend – Performed by Gabriella Uhl
  • All Hail the Brain – Performed by Eli Golden
  • Terminal Illness – Performed by Eli and Jonathan Lengel
  • Prep – Eli Golden, Jonathan Lengel, Frankie McNellis, Lindsey Blackwell and JD McCrary
  • Any Minute – Performed By – Lindsey Blackwell, JD McCrary, Jonathan Lengel and Gabriella Uhl
  • Good Enough – Performed by Gabrielle Uhl
  • Being a Geek – Performed by Eli Golden and Josh Peck
  • Bad News – Performed by Ramon Reed and Nolen Dubuc
  • Tell Her – Performed by Eli Golden and Gabriella Uhl
  • It Can’t Be True – Performed by Frankie McNellis, Kayleigh Cerezo, Shechinah Mpumlwana and Khiyla Aynne
  • If It Is – Performed by Jonathan Lengel, Gabriella Uhl and Eli Golden
  • A Little More Homework – Performed by Jonathan Lengel, Gabriella Uhl and Eli Golden
  • Brand New You – Performed by Kayleigh Cerezo, Shechinah Mpumlwana and Khiyla Aynne

When is the film coming out on Netflix?

Netflix has finally confirmed the release date of 13: The musical. It will premiere on August 12, 2022. Because the Broadway adaptation is a Netflix Original film, it will be available to stream exclusively on the Netflix streaming platform.

catch 13: The musical coming to Netflix soon.

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