The Royal Theater – South Side Weekly

AAfter school I rush home. I throw my bags on the floor, homework can wait. I’m just too excited. I slide auspiciously into the kitchen and form a halo around my head. “MOM,” echoes through the house as I look at the mail. My mom walks down the stairs and looks at me like I’m a hitchhiker begging for a ride. “Yeah, what do you want,” she sighs. I grin and say, “Can I go to the Regal Theater with my friends tonight? Lily’s mom will be there and Alisa, she’s 14, and” – she interrupts me with a mischievous smile and asks, “Have you done your homework?” I play with my fingers and before I open my mouth, she says, “As long as I can you’ll be back at five and get me a pastry from one of the restaurants.” I hug her and start jumping down the block.

I see Alisa and as soon as I turn the corner she runs and yells, “OMG I’m so freaking excited, are you ready?” “Yeah,” I giggle, “but shut up, we don’t want the whole 46th to We go to Lily’s house and see her and her mother waiting for us on their porch. “Ready to dance like you’ve never danced before,” says Lily’s mom. As we walk, we chat about homework, our crush, and what songs we think they’ll play. We turn onto 47th Street and everything hits me. The blinking lights sparkle in my eyes. The music is dancing in my ears. The smell of food fills my nostrils. The words roll off my tongue. The air brushes my skin. Each has a welcoming vibe. The music gives me the feeling of dancing on a flower meadow. I am so excited that I could run around the world, soar across the oceans and even fly to the top of the highest mountains. I’m at home.

“What are you girls waiting for? Let’s go inside,” says Lily’s mother, staring at him in awe. We all slowly approach the magnificent building. As we walk in, we see the band on stage. They focus on the music and make sure the audience is happy while dancing. We join the crowd, stand, dance, sing and laugh. A waitress brings a menu with a “what can I get you” smile. I kindly ask for water to start and continue this bright dream coming true. Once she’s gone, I examine each item carefully. “What should I take?” I think to myself. When she comes back, she asks, “What will it be?” “I’ll have the sliders with fries,” I say. As we wait, we watch several bands and singers, each with a different hope and dream, bow and blush as they come off the stage.

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