The Starship Troopers co-producer explains why he was “scared” about working on the popular sci-fi film

Phil Tippett has been part of the film industry for five decades, and his work in creature design, stop motion, and character animation can be seen in films like the original war of stars Trilogy, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Jurassic Park. However, in 1997 Starship Troopers Tippett holds a very special place in Tippett’s heart, although during my last chat with the co-producer he admitted he was “scared” about working on the sci-fi film that is now a beloved cult classic.

Phil Tippett is one of the people we were interviewed for Light & Magic, which explores the origins of Industrial Light & Magic and how the visual effects studio influenced the motion picture industry. I got to speak with Tippett and fellow VFX heavyweight Dennis Muren during the press day about the documentaries that Disney+ subscribers can now watch and one of the questions I asked them was whether there were any cinematic moments or sequences that they resonated with each time Proud Watch one of the films they worked on. Tippett replied:

For me it was Starship Troopers because we had just done Jurassic Park before that and ILM and Dennis [Muren] did all the really hard work on it. We did the animation for two scenes, and then Paul [Verhoeven] insisted that I become Troopers’ visual effects supervisor. And I was scared. There was no reason on earth that I could trust that this could be done with hundreds and hundreds of errors. And it really wasn’t until I had a dream that pointed me in the right direction. And it was something I already knew, but my fear kind of erased what I knew. And that was one foot in front of the other. think of nothing Don’t think about the step you made before, the step you will make, just be like this moment and deal with it. Instead of thousands of problems, select and focus on the big six problems.

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