Tom Cruise vetoed a streaming premiere

Tom cruise is a titan of the old guard of filmmaking. There aren’t many movie stars left who haven’t hooked up to a Netflix/Hulu/HBO Max/AppleTV+/what have you streaming original at some point in-game. In fact, Cruise might honestly be the very last real blue movie star in Hollywood. The actor-producer makes big movies that get big screen viewing, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon — at least not if Cruise himself can help. In the midst of the pandemic, as movie studios were forced to either send their unreleased new movies straight to VOD or plunge them into the ever-growing depths of streaming content, Cruise took a tough stance. The A-list star didn’t want to let his latest blockbuster Top Gun: Maverickbecome a Paramount+ original, and he fought with the studio to make sure that didn’t happen, as he revealed during the film’s official premiere in Cannes.


During his recent performance at the Grand Palais’ Debussy Theater, where, according to Variety, he had a wide-ranging conversation about his work, Cruise made it clear that he supports theater. The actor has never been shy about his admiration for the big screen, and when asked if Top Gun: Maverick While Cruise had ever considered a streaming first release during the year-long pandemic delay, Cruise noted that he had never, ever considered the idea. This film was always meant for the big screen.

“That will not happen. Never,” Cruise said firmly to the festival audience watching his latest mega-blockbuster. “I’ve spent a lot of time with theater owners. The people who serve popcorn, the people who make it [happen].” The producer left the theater owners with the hopeful message that he always intended to release them Top Gun: Maverick in theaters, and the same will be true for the next ones Impossible Mission Movie. He doesn’t design streaming content; he “makes films for the big screen”. And he loves the theater experience as much as anyone. Cruise noted that he often goes to the theater with “a cap on” and watches movies in a crowd under anonymous cover to get the most immersive experience.


Top Gun: Maverick will be available three days early in select cities

It received rave reviews from critics and early audiences alike, especially when the film premiered last month CinemaCon, Top Gun: Maverick is undoubtedly one that deserves to be seen on the biggest and loudest screens, and the experience wouldn’t be the same if the long-delayed sequel was forced to premiere at home. Even if you have a giant screen and big speakers in your living room, the experience of seeing a movie like this in a crowded theater can’t be beat, and Cruise knows it – as a star, producer, and movie fan himself. He knew that legacy was necessary to preserve the theatrical experience and it sounds like the actor made the right choice. Hopefully the wait will be worth it.

Top Gun: Maverick will premiere in cinemas worldwide on May 27th.

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