Wait, is Adam Scott playing Spider-Man in Sony’s Madame Web Movie?

Sony’s Spider-Man universe moves forward despite box office bombs and little public goodwill. His latest film disease was something of a disaster and was brought forward by the internet in general. disease followed by a pair of Tom Hardy-led poison Films that definitely have their fans.

The studio’s next two releases in this universe are Mrs. Netz and kravenwith Bad Bunny vehicle El Muerto also in work. Sony’s shared universe is notorious for many things, but most importantly, it doesn’t yet contain an actual Spider-Man. Theories and rumors have swirled that Tom Holland’s MCU native Peter Parker would resonate in one of these films, but that remains to be seen.

However, with a recent casting for Mrs Net, Has a new Spider-Man for the SSU been hiding from the faces of fans for the past few weeks?

Adam Scott – Sony’s new Spider-Man?

Adam Scott, Madam Web

Speculations are circulating about this Parks and Recreation Star Adam Scott who was cast for Sony’s Mrs. Netz in July, a variant of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man could be portrayed. Set photos were taken of the actor looking decidedly Peter Parker-esque.

Check out some of the Twitter theories and reactions to this potential casting below.

@Comic_Slap lays out the rumor, noting that Adam Scott could play an older, smarter version of the character than audiences might be used to:

“Rumors of Adam Scott playing an elderly retired Peter Parker are exciting. I’m not getting my hopes up but I like the actor and it would be a cool and different take on Peter than we usually see on screen. If Sydney Sweeney Black plays Cat, I don’t see them getting together.”

@frankienava33 says that Scott, who plays Parker, is what they would come to the movies for Mrs. Netz:

“The only reason I would watch Madam Web is if Adam Scott is Peter Parker… never thought I would need it but it’s so good!!”

@VLovesComics draws some comparisons between Ben Wyatt, Scott’s character parks, and Peter Parker:

“I can’t stop thinking about Adam Scott as the retired Spider-Man taking over the mantle one last time to help out. I would like to see a new version of Spider-Man. Also, I can’t help but think that this Peter Parker is just Ben Wyatt.”

@HugoHouse7 would like to see something similar Into the Spider-Verse.

“Adam Scott is the perfect ‘Old Peter’. If they can make him like they did in Spiderverse, it’s going to be a top movie.”

@PanicJrCress brings some fuel to the fire.

“After seeing those Adam Scott Madame Web pics… oh boy. Peter Parker’s adult agenda is growing.”

@NS616_ can see this if Scott really is playing Peter Parker:

“Wait, Adam Scott plays Peter Parker in Madame Web … I see the vision I really have.”

Also, Scooper @Greatphase15 has claimed that Scott isn’t playing Peter Mrs. Netz, in a reply to a message from another Twitter user asking about this. Of course there is no way to verify this.

Scott as Spidey would be a much needed win

It’s no secret that many fans and members of the general public just aren’t thrilled with Sony’s Spider-Man universe, some even going so far as to despise it greatly. After all, these movies at least use up characters, namely villains, that could be used in an MCU Spider-Man movie. Not to mention that compared to the competition, these Sony films don’t have the same caliber as other superhero fare.

But Adam Scott is a fan-favorite actor. Viewers loved him as the tight-lipped but nerdy Ben parks and rec and it seems like he has what it takes to take on the iconic role of Spider-Man, even if it’s a version of him nearing retirement.

It’s also important to consider that fans are very accepting of an older 30- or 40-year-old Peter Parker. Look no further than the answer to Jake Johnson’s Peter B. Parker spider verse and Tobey Maguire’s comeback as the original cinematic web-slinger in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Sony wants to win. You want to be a player on the board when it comes to superhero content. If they continue as they are, this may be difficult to achieve. But if Adam Scott really does get cast as Spider-Man from an alternate universe, it could be a smart step in the right direction.

Sony’s Mrs. Netz hits theaters on October 6, 2023.

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