Warner Bros. officially cancels DC Wonder Twins superhero film

Warner Bros. is undergoing some important strategic changes thanks to the company’s merger with Discovery, especially with regard to its future programming across the DC Universe. The company’s tentpole film The Lightning is somewhat in limbo for now, and fans have already seen a few projects pulled from development, including The Miracle Twins.

After turning to lesser-known characters like John Cena peacemaker, The Miracle Twins was to follow the same path, bringing in heroes never before used in live-action storytelling. Initially set to function Riverdale‘s KJ Apa and Young Sheldon‘s Isabel May, this new outing should add another group of young players to the group of younger heroes DC already has in development.


Unfortunately, reports have indicated that Warner Bros. no longer plans to go ahead The Miracle Twins, although filming was scheduled to begin this summer. According to a new report from the company, this decision was made as part of a larger plan for how things will move forward under the Discovery umbrella.

New CEO leading DC in a new direction

A new Wall Street Journal report details how Discovery CEO David Zaslav is attempting to reverse some of the old programming strategies the company used to employ at Warner Bros., particularly with HBO Max original films.

This move under Zaslav caused the team to cancel the upcoming one The Miracle Twins Movie after the CEO felt the film’s $75 million budget was too high for a film that would only be released through their streaming service.


Going forward, Zaslav intends the company to focus more on increasing the number of theatrical releases, hoping to release 20-25 theatrical projects a year. For reference, the studio released 17 films in theaters last year.

Zaslav also noted that films that are released in theaters perform better in the long run when they arrive on HBO Max compared to films that are only slated for a streaming release.

Will Wonder Twins cause a WB domino effect?

Aside from several former Warner Bros. executives leaving their positions during this merger, Zaslov makes it clear that the company is working quickly to get itself back on track financially and creatively.


Even if a $75 million budget doesn’t appear after one enormously Doing it for a company like Warner Bros., putting it into a movie to stream instead of theatrically, doesn’t seem like that much return from a financial standpoint. Against this background, the team is already considering rethinking what is to come bat girl in theaters along with its own HBO Max release, while The Miracle Twins was completely canned. Apparently, bat girl gives them a little more confidence.

If The Miracle Twins Ever hit the scene again is a mystery, but if it does, it would likely be part of that 20-25 releases a year Warner Bros. hopes to bring to theaters rather than just stream. Especially since Disney has had so much success with its own theatrical/streaming model for franchises like the MCU, Warner Bros. has much bigger plans ahead of it for finding its own success in this new era of publishing.

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