Westworld Season 4 Release Schedule: When Will New Episodes Be Released?

Westworld Season 4 is airing now on Sky Atlantic and NOW this Monday (27th June 2022) and it will surely continue to confuse us and make us question our reality.

The main cast from Season 3 are back including Aaron Paul, Thandiwe Newton and somehow Evan Rachel Wood who plays a new character after Dolores was seemingly killed for good at the end of Season 3.

However, how many episodes will Season 4 contain and when will they air? And how long do we have to wait between them?

Read on for everything you need to know about Westworld Season 4 release schedule.

How many episodes does Westworld season 4 have?

Aaron Paul as Caleb Nichols and Thandiwe Newton as Maeve Millay in Season 4 of Westworld

Aaron Paul as Caleb Nichols and Thandiwe Newton as Maeve Millay in Season 4 of Westworld John Johnson/HBO

There are eight episodes in this new season of Westworld, the same number as season 3.

Seasons 1 and 2 each had 10 episodes, but while those seasons had many story arcs and timelines, since Season 3 the show has become more linear and the cast has become a bit more compact. This may explain the reduction in episodes.

Westworld season 4 release schedule

Evan Rachel Wood as Christina in Westworld

Evan Rachel Wood as Christina in Westworld John Johnson/HBO

As with previous seasons, episodes will be released weekly rather than in a binge format. The episodes will air simulcast here in the UK with the US, meaning that when they air on HBO in the US on June 26, 2022, we’ll get them on Sky Atlantic and NOW at 2am on June 27, 2022.

Each episode is then repeated on Sky Atlantic at 9pm the same day for those who don’t want to stay up until the wee hours.

We now know all the episode lengths and titles for Season 4, but as with previous seasons, if you’re able to spill plenty of plot information from the cryptic headlines then you deserve a round of applause.

Below is the full release schedule for Westworld Season 4.

  1. The Augurs – 54 minutes.
  2. Good enough alone – 50 minutes
  3. Annees Folles – 55 minutes
  4. Generation loss – 51 minutes
  5. Zhuangzi – 59 minutes
  6. Fidelity – 58 minutes
  7. Metanoia – 52 minutes
  8. Que Sera, Sera – 59 minutes

Will there be a Westworld season 5?

Ed Harris as the Man in Black in Westworld Season 4

Ed Harris as The Man in Black in Westworld Season 4 John Johnson/HBO

We don’t know yet, and based on previous comments from the creators, it seems like it could go either way. Back when Season 1 was being filmed but briefly paused, actor James Marsden told Entertainment Weekly that it was because the writers were “representing what the next 5 or 6 years are going to be like.”

He continued, “We wanted to have everything in sync so that when the very last episode airs and we have our show finale, five or seven years later, we’ll know how the first season is going to end.”

However, in 2020, following the conclusion of Season 3, creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy clarified those remarks with Variety, with Nolan stating, “We’ve never spoken out loud about how many seasons we envision this thing going, ‘Cause I think you’re foolish, things change, circumstances change.

He continued, “I think when we sat down to do the show, we didn’t quite realize how difficult it would be to make this show — how many years it would take per season. So we never really talked about how many seasons that plan was, and I think when we had the plan it wasn’t actually designed for a specific number of seasons. It was a beginning, a middle and an end.

Nolan said that while the show is “gearing toward” its conclusion, it wasn’t fully planned at this point. So for now it seems like we’ll just have to wait and see what the writers have in store for us and what HBO has planned.

Season 4 of Westworld premieres Monday 27th June 2022 on Sky Atlantic and NOW. Seasons 1 to 3 are now available on Sky and NOW. Check out more of our sci-fi coverage or visit our TV guide to see what’s on tonight.

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