What is Topps Total Football?

We all loved collecting and trading our favorite sports cards when we were young and now that affection can continue with the arrival of Topps Total Football.

Topps Total Football is a brand new trading card game that pits your deck against opponents online. It’s a completely unique handheld experience.

What is Topps Total Football?

Total Football is a trading card game designed to capture the excitement and strategy of football’s finest club competitions.

Topps Football gives you the opportunity to build a deck of players currently playing in the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League and has a variety of top names waiting to join your side.

Not only is this game exciting for those who enjoy card collecting, it’s also tactically focused, with key abilities, energy levels, and card types all being part of the overall experience.


Topps Total Football is a game that combines elements of tactical play and card collecting.

Topps Total Soccer

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THE BEST IN THE WORLD – BIG Stars up for grabs in Topps Total Football

With a market to buy and sell rare cards – and a free pack delivered daily – there’s no telling how impressive your deck could become.

Build your squad

The main feature of Topps Total Football is the wide range of cards offered to players.

With packs ranging in price from 90p up to £34.99, the danger and excitement of opening packs in the real world has finally arrived on mobile.

With different tiers of cards dictating different levels of rarity, this trading game offers fans the chance to build a squad like never before.

Fight against the best

Behind the collection element of Topps Total Football lies a deep tactical combat for players to enjoy.

When you use your deck to face off against opponents online, you must manage your energy levels and special abilities in order to defeat your opponent.

Playing like a combination of Subbuteo, Top Trumps and the classic Match Attax battles of the past, Topps Total Football is a true combination of many classic genres.

Print your cards

Topps Total Football offers something completely unique that will also have massive appeal to in-hand collectors.

Topps Total Football gives you the ability to print your tickets for a low starting price of £1.99 and delivers your virtual valuables right to your doorstep.

With rare cards becoming valuable real collectibles, there’s certainly more than one way to win at Topps Total Football.

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