When will Luck air on Apple TV+? Release date, trailer and everything about the Skydance animated film

A month after the release of the trailer happiness is finally coming to Apple TV+. The 3D animated feature film is part of Apple’s exclusive deal with Skydance Animation.

Written by Kiel Murray, who also wrote the screenplay for Raya and the last dragon and Cars, Directed by the genius behind it The Little Mermaid: The Beginning of Ariel Peggy Holmes.

Filled with magic, fun and exuberance, Apple TV’s animated feature is expected to be a great watch indeed. Here’s everything you need to know about the film before it’s released on Apple’s streaming platform.

The film follows the story of the unhappiest person on the planet, Sam Greenfield, whose fate takes a quick turn when she stumbles into a magical world. But what will be the consequences?

The magic place is a secret factory that creates and manages all the moments of happiness and unhappiness that rule the world and the lives of individuals. However, when Sam suddenly finds himself in this magical land, the balance is upset, threatening production and management.

In this magical land, Sam meets new creatures and embarks on exciting adventures. She befriends some amazing mythical creatures like a black cat, a dragon and many more.

The summary published by Apple TV+ Press is as follows:

“From Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation comes the story of Sam Greenfield, the unhappiest man alive! Suddenly she finds herself in the never-before-seen land of happiness and must unite with the magical creatures there.”

Watch the trailer for the new Skydance animation here.

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The official trailer, released a while back, offers a glimpse of the misfortune that follows Sam everywhere. Sam meets Simon and suddenly finds himself in a magical land of happiness.

But the misfortune that follows her threatens to collapse the entire operational structure of the secret factory there. What happens next? Will Sam’s fate change now that she is in the land of fortune, or will her misfortune lead to the magic factory’s demise?

Watch the movie, coming soon to Apple TV, for the answers.

happiness will be released this Friday on Apple TV+

The Skydance animated film is slated for release worldwide on Apple TV+ this Friday, August 5, 2022. The film will be available to stream on Apple’s streaming platform, Apple TV+, starting at 12:00 AM PT or 3:00 AM ET. A subscription to the Apple streaming platform is required to view the film. Subscription starts at $4.99 per month after a one-month free trial.

It was originally scheduled to hit theaters on March 19, 2021. However, the title has been postponed and a release date has been set for February 18, 2022. The film was eventually pushed back to August 5, 2022.

The film boasts a stacked voice cast that includes Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg, Jane Fonda, and Whoopi Goldberg, who voice some of the film’s main characters. Others join them too.

The Apple TV feature, which tells the story of the unhappiest person on the planet, will be followed by two projects to be released next by Skydance and Apple. The next feature is titled Spellbound, while the other series is reportedly based on a children’s book series that is also in development.

Watch the Skydance animation on August 5, 2022 exclusively on Apple TV+.

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