When will Rise air on Disney+? Release date, plot and more about the sports film about the story of Giannis Antetokounmpo

Akin Omotoso’s biographical sports drama riseDue for release on Disney+ this Friday, June 24, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. ET, will tell the true story of the Antetokounmpo brothers – Giannis, Thanasis and Kostas – as they face insurmountable challenges while striving for extraordinary achievements NBA.

Since dominating the NBA, Giannis Antetokounmpo has not only won the hearts of millions, but has earned widespread fame as one of the best basketball players in the world. In previous seasons, the Star Hooper has won the NBA Championship and has been named Finals MVP, Defensive Player of the Year and League MVP three times in the past few years.

A biopic about the NBA’s “Greek Freak” and his rise to success is now on the way, much to the delight of fans. The original Disney+ movie rise will chronicle the true events surrounding the Antetokounmpo family as they became the first record-breaking trio of brothers to win NBA championships, with Giannis and Thanasis representing the Milwaukee Bucks and Kostas representing the Los Angeles Lakers.

Everything you need to know rise, the Disney+ original film about the Antetokounmpo brothers

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On May 10th, Disney released the official trailer for rise, which offers a glimpse into Giannis and his brothers’ remarkable journey into the NBA. Directed by Omotoso and executive produced by Antetokounmpo, the film will star Uche Agada and his brother Ral Agada as Giannis and Thanasis respectively.

Uche commented on this golden opportunity of her life by saying:

“I was just lying in bed one day and I went on Instagram. And I see a screenshot of a tweet that Giannis posted saying Disney is making a movie about his life and his family’s life and they are looking for someone to play him and his brothers. So I just clicked on a link and just sent a video just talking about myself. A few months later I got a call back. And finally they told me I got the part, which is absolutely amazing.”

He revealed his brother’s casting details, adding:

“And then a few weeks later, they asked me if I had siblings, and I said I had an older brother.”

Official synopsis of the film

The essence of the film is perhaps best captured in Disney+’s own description of the upcoming release. The official synopsis for rise Conditions:

“After immigrating to Greece from Nigeria, Charles and Vera Antetokounmpo struggled to survive and support their five children while facing daily threats of deportation. With their eldest son still with relatives in Nigeria, the couple were desperate to obtain Greek citizenship and were undermined by a system that blocked them at every turn. When they were not selling goods to tourists on the streets of Athens with the rest of the family, the brothers – Giannis and Thanasis – played basketball with a local youth team. “

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The summary continues:

“As latecomers, they discovered their great skills on the basketball court and worked hard to become a world-class athlete alongside their brother Kostas, which would change not only his life but the life of his entire family. And last season, Giannis and Thanasis helped bring the Milwaukee Bucks their first championship ring in 50 years while Kostas played for last season’s champions, the Los Angeles Lakers.”

rise depicts the Antetokounmpo brothers’ attempts to support their family as they face deportation and attempt to obtain Greek citizenship after Charles Antetokounmpo and his wife Vera emigrated to Greece from Nigeria. Meanwhile, Thanasis and Giannis start playing basketball as part of a neighborhood team and discover their love for the game. Their potential to shine comes as Giannis, Thanasis and Kostas are eventually drafted into the NBA draft and gradually move closer to what will be known as the greatest trio in NBA history.

NBA star Giannis reportedly said when commenting on the matter rise:

“Everyone talks about us, about me, Thanasis, Kostas and Alex and Francis, but they always leave out our parents, you know, my father and mother. So, you know, we knew that one day we would tell them, like, who the real heroes of this story, of this journey are.”

He added:

“Everyone who has played our family has done an incredible job. We feel like they are now our family and a part of us.”

Alongside real-life brothers Uche and Ral Agada is the cast of rise also includes Jaden Osimuwa as Kostas, Dayo Okeniyi as Charles, and Yetide Badaki as Vera. Manish Dayal and Taylor Nichols will also reportedly star in the film.

rise premieres exclusively on Disney+ on June 24, 2022.

Edited by Mohini Banerjee

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