Where is Pixar’s Next Movie Easter Egg in Lightyear

Lightyear continues Pixar’s tradition of teasing the next film with an Easter egg, and here’s Elemental’s reference in Lightyear.

light year follows many of Pixar’s traditions, particularly when it comes to Easter eggs, and nods to other Pixar films, including one teasing the studio’s next project, Elementary — and here’s Pixar’s next movie Easter egg inside light year. Pixar continues to regale audiences with at least one film a year, and two very different stories were released in 2022: To reddenreleased directly to Disney+, and light yearthe first Pixar film to hit theaters since Continue.

light year brought the audience back to the toy story Franchise to show audiences the movie a young Andy saw in 1995 that made him a fan of the always great Buzz Lightyear. The film then follows space ranger Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Chris Evans) as he explores a habitable planet with his commanding officer and crew, but after several dangerous encounters with the planet’s hostile life-forms, they end up on that planet. Buzz and co. then try to find a way back home, but these attempts lead him to jump many years into the future, where he meets a new crew and encounters the evil Emperor Zurg (James Brolin), who is a hides a big secret.


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Even if none of the characters from toy story appear in it light year, it has various references to the saga as well as the traditional Easter eggs and references found in every Pixar film, such as the Pizza Planet truck and A113. Another traditional Pixar Easter egg, in this case, is the one teasing the following movie Elementarybut it is not easy to find in it light year.

What is elemental? Everything we know about Pixar’s next film

light years Elementary The Easter egg is very easy to miss as it flashes on screen briefly and is blocked by one of the characters. The Easter Egg can be found in the scene where Mo Morrison (Taika Waititi) is getting snacks from the vending machine for the crew, and at the bottom are bottles of Wade Water Elementarythe main character. Elementary will be Pixar’s 27th studio release and will be directed by Peter Sohn, who provided the voice of Sox, the robot cat light year, and is scheduled for release on June 16, 2023. Plot details above Elementary were not revealed, but accompanying the announcement of the film’s release date was concept art showing the two main characters: a water-based male character and a fire-based female character, with the background characters representing the other two elements (earth and air).

Pixar has since hidden an Easter egg in almost every one of its projects, teasing the film that followed Monster IncWith cars so far the only exception and from the inside to the outside didn’t get one in the film beforehand due to changes in Pixar’s release schedule. The Easter egg that teases the next Pixar film has become a must-have for the studio and is one that viewers will immediately try to find, although in most cases (especially when it’s a new film and not a sequel) is a bit difficult to catch. light year continued this and many other Pixar traditions, and now we just have to wait for Pixar to share more details about it Elementary.

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