WNC theater owners work together to revitalize the Sylva theater

David Parlier, owner of Ruby Cinemas in Franklin, is teaming up with Greg Israel, owner of Smoky Mountain Cinemas in Waynesville to open Catamount Cinemas in Sylva.

Catamount Cinemas was just announced Monday via Facebook by the theater’s former Facebook page, Quin Theatres.

The Quin Theater first opened in 1977 under the name The Quin Twin Theatres, and was built by Resicom Builders. The original theater had two screens with a total seating capacity of 484 and was operated by the Quin Corporation, a group of five local men including Johnny Maney of the Maney family.

After decades of operation, the previous owners, The Maney Family, who own and operate East Sylva Shopping Center, announced in April that the Quin Theaters would be closing their doors. It was then that Parlier and Israel began discussing the possibility of working together to reopen.

Together, Parlier and Israel have more than 50 years of industry experience. This experience, coupled with a love of providing a space for community, prompted the men to reopen Sylva’s cinema.

“When you work in the cinema industry, it’s always sad to see a theater that is so committed to the community closing its doors,” Parlier said. “We saw this as we read the many memories shared by those who had attended the Quin Theater over the past four decades. However, a cinema closure does not always mean that it was not or could not be a successful operation. The Maneys decided to retire after over 40 years but still hoped to reopen this complex as a cinema. We felt after talking to them that this was a great opportunity. The Quin Theater is in good shape within a great community and it is our desire to continue providing the experience of seeing movies on the big screen for years to come.”

While the theater will reopen soon, Parlier said the new owners plan to make some upgrades and improvements to the interior.

“Several minor changes will be made to the theater over the next few months,” Parlier said. “Some of these changes will be new media servers, the upcoming sound for 7.1, the implementation of online ticketing, the addition of nachos and ICEEs to the concession area, and more. We are evaluating even more significant changes such as adding 3D capabilities and VIP seating areas that could include recliners, gliders or lounge chairs.”

Interviews are currently being held for the theater, many of the former employees of the institution are again applying for vacancies. With little to be done to get the theater back up and running, residents can expect doors to reopen after the Fourth of July bank holiday, just in time to enjoy some of the summer’s biggest blockbuster hits !

“We would like to reopen the cinema as soon as possible, but before that there are a number of things that need to be done,” Parlier said. “Some of the points include replacing/repairing some equipment and getting approval from the studios to screen films under this newly formed company. However, we have set an internal deadline of July 8th, which coincides with the release of Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder.”

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