‘Yellowstone’ star Kevin Costner plans next project: 4 films

  • Kevin Costner told Variety that he plans his western Horizon as “four separate films.”
  • He said they were released “roughly every three months.”
  • Costner eventually wants to edit the films into shorter TV episodes.

Kevin Costner prepares his western epic “Horizon” and thinks big.

The Yellowstone star and Oscar winner told Variety this week that he plans the project, which will be his first directorial effort since 2003’s Outer Range, as “four separate films” to be released “roughly every three months.” will.

Production is slated to begin in August and the project is being produced by Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

It’s unclear how Horizon would initially be released – either theatrically or via a


Service – but Costner said it was at Warner Bros.’ Discretion “because things change very quickly, how people see things and what they want to do.”

Over the past two years during the coronavirus pandemic, film studios have experimented with distribution strategies and the way audiences consume content has changed.

For example, last year Warner Bros. released all of its films simultaneously in theaters and online


streaming platform. This year, the studio is bringing its films to theaters exclusively for 45 days before they’re available to stream — a much shorter theatrical window than before the pandemic.

The cinema industry is more IP-driven than ever, with blockbuster sequels supporting the box office, and mid-budget adult-friendly dramas are struggling as the market recovers from the pandemic.

It is difficult to say where the cinema market will be until the completion of “Horizon” and whether there is an appetite for four, almost three-hour western dramas.

But Costner said he originally envisioned the project as an “event television movie.” And he finally wants to edit the four films into TV episodes.

“I’m happiest because at one point on television — where you can reach your largest audience — they can see it the way I intended,” Costner told Variety. “At some point it will be cut up [hour-long episodes] or 42 minutes but TV works. But they’re going to watch it as four, two hour and 45 minute movies for the first time.”

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